Our Story – VintageVera

Our Story

Vintage Vera came about almost by accident and we often say if we had thought about it in any detail we would never have started it at all!

The original team was made up of Gordon, Jonah and Vera. Gordon has worked in fashion most of his life, Jonah (his daughter’s boyfriend) was a fresh Uni drop out and Vera our dog is the namesake of the business and many would say the brains of the operation!

After having the idea our first move was to buy 1.5 tonnes of vintage clothing. Our second was to wonder how we were going to sell it all.

You may say that this was backwards, and you’d be right. The next few weeks were spent looking for a location to hold our first kilo sale, sourcing hangers, rails, working out how to promote the event and designing the branding. We naively thought we would be able to hang the garments as we set up the hall the morning of the sale. Realising the day before that this would be impossible, we spent the day and long into the night panic hanging thousands of garments for Vintage Vera’s first sale on Saturday 30th September 2017.

The sale was a success and we decided to make Vintage Vera a proper business. Keeping true to doing everything backwards, we bought a van, signed a warehouse lease and bought tons more vintage before calling Universities to see if it would be possible to hold events there. Thankfully, enough of them said yes and we were up and running!

We have come a long way since the first sale in 2017. We have met thousands of people and made some great friends, saved hundreds of tonnes of clothes from landfill providing cool, affordable vintage clothing to all!

It makes us proud to be promoting conscious consumerism by taking part in, and therefore involving you in, the recycled and reused economies. Sustainability has to be a leading concern for everyone if we are going to look after our planet, so we feel pretty good about running a business like Vintage Vera!

There now are multiple ways to get your Vintage Vera clothing- we not only offer vintage at our kilo sales but with our virtual and physical handpicking options! For more info check the page links in the header!